How to contribute

Freepto is based on Debian Live Build system and focused on the development of applications for the digital security of users.

Our development model is open and follows a community-based approach, so if you want to join our dev team you're more than welcome.

We communicate through the project's general mailing list. Developers also use an IRC channel for discussing less important matters.

You can find Freepto's development releases here:

The repository

Freepto's source code is available in our repository This is because we want the development process to be public and open to everybody, including those who can or want to participate only occasionally.

We use GitHub to manage tickets and the general development timeline too.

To report a bug, you can do so on Github or just email us.

How to create a development environment

We've created a system to automate the process of setting up and configuring a development environment, based on Vagrant.

For more information, give this repository a look